“You can never have too much Fuzzy!” Beth Orton

“Fuzzy’s voice is like something you heard in a dream, truly original.” Corinne Bailey Rae

“Fuzzy Jones is a West Yorkshire legend!” Alan Raw (BBC Introducing)

“That was Fuzzy Jones, new and rather good!” Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music)

According to BBC Introducing Fuzzy Jones “is a West Yorkshire legend!” But not only that, she is an award winning, independent artist who crafts powerful, playful protest songs for the 21st Century.

Fuzzy likes to describe her music as a tea party with Joni Mitchell and David Bowie, where Serge Gainsbourg occasionally pops by for a coffee. 

A Very Fuzzy Bio…

So, that’s some cool stuff peeps have said and an award I received a little while ago, but here’s a little bit from me…

I am a grrrrl (she/her) who loves to sing, write songs and do gigs, but as you know, 2020 wasn’t really a year for doing much of these things! Finding myself a little out of work, I decided to develop my music production skills with the wonderful Ableton Live. Lockdown 2020 had a small silver lining – it helped me produce my first self-produced EP – The Great Pause.

I’m now based in Les Landes, in south west France, a place I call Hotel Landifornia, where I have just self-produced and self-released an album of the same name. It’s a story of the ups and downs of moving to a new country, starting a new life and everything in between!

I don’t particularly like labels and sometimes struggle to put my music in a specific genre. But here are a few of the artists who have inspired me – David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg, Goldfrapp, Róisín Murphy, Billie Holiday, St Vincent, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles.

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Latest ALBUM Release

Hotel Landifornia (August 2021)

Hotel Landifornia

I would like to introduce you to my new album Hotel Landifornia. The bittersweet lament of a réfugié du Brexit, our climate change emergency, mental health, LGBTQIA rights, and a call to action. Join me on my adventure as I set out mid-pandemic trying to ride these turbulent waves into a new land.
This is an Indie Alt-Pop record with big vocals, lush harmonies, eclectic vibes, a little French, and a mix of electro, funk and acoustic sounds, plus some experimental vocal collages…a very fuzzy thing indeed!
Written, recorded and mixed by me, Fuzzy, on my sofa-studio, somewhere in south west France – with one microphone, a cardboard vocal booth, some waves, cups of tea and a lot of love and time.

EP Release

The Great Pause (2020)

The Great Pause EP cover

Fuzzy’s EP – The Great Pause is a playfully political cosmic folk pop treat for your ears! Hear the birth of her new Electro-Glam-Folk’ sound – inspired by Lockdown 2020. Written, recorded and produced in Fuzzy’s makeshift home sofa-studio, in Leeds. This unique self-produced piece marks a strange moment in time; a way of processing a crisis; of feeling a little less helpless – a 21st century cry! Hopefully it will bring you some calm in the chaos.

“What a great first [self-produced] EP. Sounds amazing!” (Ableton A&R)

Single Releases

Plastic Tide Artwork

  • This Ole Hammock (2018)
    An instant classic, released by HA! Music. Recorded in Handmade Fletch’s kitchen with old pots and pans, one sunny afternoon in June.

  • Blue Jean (No.45) (2017)
    A 7 inch vinyl release, with the haunting anti-love song, Perfume on the B-side. Recorded, produced and mixed at the wonderful ATA Studios by Neil Innes.

Photo of Blue Jean 7 inch vinyl


All releases are available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and other online platforms.

Radio Play

Fuzzy’s music has been played on Stuart Maconie’s ‘Freak Zone’, Gideon Coe -BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing, BBC Radio Leeds, York, Manchester & Lincolnshire, Radio DIVA, Folk Radio UK, East Leeds FM and many more.

Other Fuzzy Projects

She’s currently writing and illustrating a ukulele songbook for children and their parents, about climate change, mental health and LQBTQIA+ stuff.

Awards and Residencies

Swans‘ won ‘Best Song’ at London Screenwriters’ Festival in February 2014. It was featured in the first crowdsourced feature film, 50 Kisses.

Brighter Sounds Both Sides Now residency, with Beth Orton in March 2019.

Semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest in 2013 and 2017.

Building a studio called ATA

In 2007 I founded a band called Love of the Brave, with my former co-writer Neil Innes. We then went on to build an analogue studio in Leeds, which we named ATA (All Things Analogue). It’s now an ace record label run by Neil and Pete. Check out the link!

We housed vintage equipment from the 1960s and 1970s, plus an 1894 Beckstein piano, with no legs, which was rescued from a warehouse.

We built the studio on a shoe string and from this came our first set of studio recordings – a self-titled concept album, Love of the Brave. We recorded it on ex-Soviet Union microphones, discarded BBC tape and the same make and model of tape machine that ‘The White Album’ was recorded on. Wow!

In this sanctuary we wrote and recorded a catalogue of music ranging from Funk-Rock to Psychedelic Folk.

For more info on Love of the Brave go to Projects.

Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy the music!

Peas and love,

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