Some Fab Quotes

About This Ole Hammock:

“This Ole Hammock sounds like a classic! Fuzzy has got an absolutely beautiful voice.” Heather Peace (Radio DIVA)

“I love that song! We’re not supposed to have favourites but [This Ole’ Hammock] gave me a shiver.”
Rosie Wilby (Radio DIVA)
“This piece of music is gorgeous! Lyrics are great too – from a truly gifted artist.” Alan Raw (BBC Introducing)

About Blue Jean (No. 45):

“It’s a belter! Fuzzy Jones is a West Yorkshire legend. She brought it out on vinyl – she does everything right. Working with music and art on so many different levels – so good!” Alan Raw (BBC Introducing – The Christmas Crackers)

“It is absolutely incredible! You can hear a wealth of influences and experiences…coming from the musical mind of someone with you can tell really loves music. The vocal performance, the composition, the arrangement, everything about it is absolutely perfect. I’m treasuring it forever!” Cameron Robson (BBC Introducing – The Christmas Crackers)

“That was Fuzzy Jones, new and rather good!” Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music)

“That was extraordinary; what a beautiful piece of music that is. That’s the Fuzzy Jones sound.” Alan Raw (BBC Introducing) – talking about Blue Jean (No.45)

“On a head-nodding organ-chug of a rhythm and with easy, breathy vocals, “Blue Jean” is catchy as hell, and the b-side ‘Perfume’ is pretty fine too. One to watch.” Thomas H Green (The Arts Desk)

“Blue Jean begins dreamily with slinky siren songstress Fuzzy beckoning you to “uprise with me”.
Brendan Campbell (North Leeds Life)

About Perfume:

“Get your dose of funky operatic folk in your soul”. James Jones (Photographer)

Junk Shop Folk EP:

“Cool, effortless and catchy.” Heather Peace (Diva Magazine)

“This short but sweet EP delivers the delectable treats we’ve come to expect from this bewitchingly brilliant psych-folk pixie.” Brendan Campbell writing about #JunkShopFolk (North Leeds Life)

About live BBC Introducing live sessions & gigs:

“One of my favourite sessions of the year. Real artistic style, brilliant songwriting quality and really well crafted songs. This is quality! This is Fuzzy Jones!” Alan Raw (BBC Introducing also featured on the New Year’s Eve favourites show 2016).

“Ethereal!…but with observational bite!” (handed to me by a lovely lady, who’s name I do not know, after a gig)

“The musical representation of a pillow my soul would like to hug.” Zoe Carty (East Leeds FM)

“That was magic stuff! That was beautiful, you were magic!” Johnny I’Anson (BBC Radio Leeds)

“Fuzzy’s folksy vocal was a lovely warm start to the evening.  A crystal clear voice that was a joy to listen and had me smiling and tapping my foot within moments. There’s a paradoxical strength and yet fragility to her voice that is very alluring to the listener. A great way to start the evening”. Musical Views Blog (Review of The Wonder Inn gig 5th June ’15)

About Love of the Brave:

“Strange and beautiful songs make up this impressive and other worldly debut. Rachael’s (Fuzzy) voice is like something you heard in a dream, truly original.” Corinne Bailey Rae

“A lost classic, in a tapebox, in an attic, from the 1970’s. The beautiful weather beaten look of the package; what a lovely conceit.” Stuart Maconie (BBC 6 Music – Freak Zone)

“Love of the Brave are quite simply one of the best things to appear in Yorkshire since the flat cap”.
Ivan Mack (The Housekeeping Society)

“It’s gorgeous, well, really beautiful”. Alan Raw (BBC Introducing)

“It’s rare I find an album with at least one song that doesn’t grab me but I’d struggle to find one here. This is music being played with open arms and no pretences. The simplicity of the recording instantly bares itself to reveal a melodic beauty reminiscent of Scott Walker and Melanie Safka in equal parts. The gorgeous arrangement and instrumentation compliment Fuzzy Jones’ vocals perfectly.” Jammie Horrigan (Leeds Music Scene)

“Folky. floaty, freaky with a drifting psychedelic edge that lends itself to the gorgeous vocals. If you like Incredible String Band, Love, Christine Perfect, Dr. Strangely Strange et al you’ll know very much why this will be most certainly your bag…Great production too”. Matt Bradshaw (Jumbo Records)

About The Lost 45s:

“I really dig this! It’s got a right wiggle on.” Craig Charles (Funk and Soul Show, BBC Radio 2) Listen to ‘Help Me!’ here.

About Swans:

“This is very, very beautiful. You have an extraordinary voice”. Tess Tyler (London Screenwriters)

“Fabulous!” Chris Jones (London Screenwriters)