Silent Radio Review of Carefully Planned Festival Gig – Oct ’15

“First I meet Fuzzy Jones at Cord Café. I follow a sweet voice that comes downstairs. She’s performing in a tiny non-stage, with her acoustic guitar, her silky voice and her funky bohemian look. It’s a nice start for this unlimited festival (more than 150 bands in two days!!) that celebrates its fifth edition – Congrats!

The sound of gentle guitars (she is accompanied by another guitarist) and the sweetness of her voice bring some peace of mind. It feels like a warm hug in a winter’s day. “Where’s love? Where’s your life?”, she asks so patiently. The audience enjoys this bunch of witty songs about wrecked relationships. “Blood and coffee in the morning (…) don’t look at me until I have a coffee”. Softly sharp, softly accurate. Classy.

According to the festival’s guide, her genre is ‘junk shop folk’. Well, that’s weird, but I do agree with the similarity to Joni Mitchell’s voice, by your leave.”