Letters from 1971

The journey of a letter, from a room, somewhere in 1971…

In 2013 I nearly lost my mind from typing and sending out letters to BBC radio show presenters and producers.

I lovingly wrote, aged and packaged SOS letters, explaining that I and some fellow musicians had been stranded in a room somewhere in 1971, after a bizarre incident at our studio.  I concluded that a chemical reaction had occurred between from the combination of salvaged BBC tape and ex Soviet Microphones therefore causing an ‘interdecadel time warp!’ I called upon those at the BBC to help, as I believed they must have the formula to bring us back to the future.

To my relief Stuart Maconie responded and played us on the Freak Zone. I was very pleased to return to my present day activities, even though 1971 was pleasant.

“A lost classic, in a tapebox, in an attic, from the 1970’s. The beautiful weather beaten look of the package; what a lovely conceit.” (Stuart Maconie)

BBC 6 Music Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone

by Fuzzy Jones