Love of the Brave

Love of the Brave were writers of sounds etc. Fuzzy Jones – voices, melodies and words. Neil Innes – music and sounds. With help from The Unsung Cerebral Syndicate.

In a cold studio, in the north of England, resides a collection of vintage studio equipment and instruments. Over the winter months, sustained by the heat of valves and the dim light from dusty VU meters, Love of the Brave wrapped themselves in discarded magnetic tape to keep reality at bay. Through the decaying cables of Soviet Union microphones and onto salvaged BBC tape reels they create music for us. 

Neil thought it would be a good idea to create a story about the recordings to throw people off the scent and it worked for awhile, until I couldn’t keep the secret!

Here’s what he fabricated:

‘A recent acquisition of a job lot of old recording equipment, which had been in storage in a garage belonging to a 97 year woman, uncovered a long forgotten gem. In amongst the cart of one of the tape machines we bought were four mouldy 1″ reel boxes marked “Rita Brave – album sessions Oct-Dec ’71”. Although the boxes were perishing, the reels were perfectly preserved within the plastic sheaths. We fell in love with what we found and felt duty bound to breathe new life into her work so that it may see the light of day. Over the next year, with an 8-track tape machine and a bunch of old valve recording equipment we set about reworking some of the material we found. Some things we kept, some things we didn’t. A collaboration spanning 40 years. A record which is hers but also ours. So far our efforts to locate Rita have not turned up anything substantial. We have called this project “Love of the Brave”.

Jammie Horrigan of Leeds Music Scene was convinced, and he wrote this: a lovely review.

Some fab quotes:

“Strange and beautiful songs make up this impressive and other worldly debut. Rachael’s (Fuzzy) voice is like something you heard in a dream, truly original.” Corinne Bailey Rae

“A lost classic, in a tapebox, in an attic, from the 1970’s. The beautiful weather beaten look of the package; what a lovely conceit.” (Stuart Maconie, BBC 6 Music – Freak Zone)

“Love of the Brave are quite simply one of the best things to appear in Yorkshire since the flat cap”. Ivan Mack (The Housekeeping Society)